Finally some sun!

Whilst the ongoing restoration project at Cherry Tree Cottage takes place mainly towards the back of the house, I have made an effort over the past few weeks to concentrate my gardening efforts on the front garden space we have.

When we bought the house the front garden was completely overgrown. Lots of plants and weeds fighting for space and spilling out up and over the wall.

Goodbye weeds

The idea here was to create a relatively low maintenance front space which I could add to over time with pots filled with seasonal blooms. We were lucky enough to have roses trailing up the cottage walls which we attended to and are starting to increase our pot family sat on the cotswold stone we had laid.

A work in progress but a start and a lovely place to sit on a summers evening, wine in hand, watching the world (or ramblers) pass by.

Our new additions…..

Meet Donald and Daisy. Our new project up at Cherry Tree Cottage. Having braved chickens last year we decided on a new challenge for this summer, and what a challenge it is! Who would have thought such small creatures would demand so much attention. Not only do we spend endless hours circulating the feeding, watering and cleaning tasks but it appears our new little creatures crave love and cuddles! Much to my 12 year old daughters delight, the ducklings cry to be held and cry when they aren’t with each other.

Bath time

Whilst they are possibly the cutest little animals, I am very much looking forward to getting them out from under the lamp and into their new home in our garden. Hoping for girls, (Daisy and Donald are not yet sexed) and so lots of lovely duck eggs in the months to come.

So that’s ducks and chickens up here now…… whatever next?

Personalise your space

Gemma Wightman Ceramics – cake stand

I am a massive fan of anything personalised! Be it stationary, a book or even a children’s t shirt, however, my new found love is personalised home ware 😍

I commissioned this beautiful cake stand from the very talented Gemma Wightman Ceramics found on Not on the High Street. I wanted something that was personal to our home and this seemed a perfect idea. Functional yet pretty enough to display in the kitchen year round.

And yes, we are still up to our eyes in builders dust and missing a few walls. Whilst a cake stand isn’t exactly top priority as my other half continues to remind me, its a pleasure to look at and one step closer to our perfect country home.

Winter wonderland

I just thought I would leave this picture here…….

Full colour and unfiltered beauty

This picture was taken in full colour believe it or not!!! I love this tree it sits in a neighbours field across the lane at the bottom of our garden. My family and I, since moving here April 2020, have watched the seasons change on this tree and are excited to see what the Spring has to offer.

Being good to oneself ❤️

Coconut milk porridge with flaked almonds, cranberries and goji berries

Winter is most definitely here, cold crisp mornings, dark afternoons and no sign of any meaningful sunshine for a while yet. Whilst I am busy with work, restoration project underway and now homeschooling two children I thought it necessary to treat myself this morning before logging on to the laptop and seeing what the world of work brings today (quietly happy we have reached Friday!).

I have recently discovered a fantastic nutritionist called Amelia Freer. I bought her first book ‘Cook, Nourish, Glow’ a while back but over recent weeks have found a need and want to become more healthy and content in my own body. I’m not looking for a get thin quick scheme, I want a life change for me and for my family (although some of the ingredients will take a while for Ian to get used to).

Amelia promotes healthy eating, eating what is good for you, balanced and interesting. Half of the ingredients in her book I have never heard of let alone tasted, however, I have spent a week researching and sourcing the main ones ready to embrace her teaching and hopefully make a small difference to our health and wellbeing.

This year has been difficult for us all. Lockdown after lockdown, and whilst I refuse to get downhearted about the complete upheaval of our lives, I am thankful for the time it has given me with my partner and children. We have all struggled in our own ways, yet I am certain we will all come out somewhat stronger and grateful for our lives ahead.

That said we have struggled health wise as a family this year. My partner suffered a stroke in April which at just 50 was a massive shock and out of the blue, and following months of appointments, treatment and physiotherapy we are hopeful that this is now behind us.

So here we are, Friday morning, not a slice of toast in sight and enjoying this wonderful bowl of goodness. Starting the day slightly smug that the first meal of my day has not only completely warmed me through, but that the start of my culinary adventure has begun. I am not drinking at present but glasses up to the wonderful Amelia Freer, I look forward to our adventure together (if only me sat on my sofa raising a mug of green tea). Watch this space for updates 😊

A Chance to Escape

With all of the chaos of moving house, learning to work from home and of course the dreaded home schooling, the Mr. and I took the opportunity to escape to Scotland for a few days r&r. With the children safely packed off to grandparents, it was our chance to stop and breathe and relax somewhere other than within our four walls.

Sunshine Offerings…….

Having had a pretty hectic morning, school drop offs and conference calls, I decided to take five minutes in the garden with a cuppa. The weather today is bright and sunny, if a little chilly, but for a brief moment of peace in the garden was glorious. I couldn’t help but stop to admire the last of the summers blooms before Autumn well and truly falls.


For those of you interested in how the restoration project is going so far – let me give you an update………

Last week, having had our lounge chimney swept we were advised not to use our fire again. It appears that the incumbent owners had thought it a sensible idea to place scraps of plasterboard and newspaper and other flammable items inside the cavity of the chimney, hence causing an immediate fire hazard. The other half, being a fireman, took it upon himself to remove the log burner completely and began his investigation…………

This small investigation quickly escalated………….

Out came the tools...........

After the removal of 12 rubble bags, what seemed a tonne of dust, and several choice words we found our beautiful stone fireplace. The new (old) fireplace is twice the size of the original fireplace which had been bricked up at some point in the past and wallpapered over. We still have the hearth to remove and this will next weekends project, but I was too eager and excited not to share these pictures. Definitely a work in progress………